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Transition into Virtual Hospital

DocExa Hospital Helps

Spread Awareness
Showcase Services/Packages/Offers

Video Consultation

Hospitals own E-Pharmacy

Attain Patient Retention &
New Patient Acquisition

DocExa Hospital Provides Doctors Individual virtual Consulting room

  • DocExa Hospital makes online and offline appointments and Video consultation easy
  • Hospital can showcase Multiple Doctors with Multiple availability Timings

Our Features

We Offer Hospitals Profile Handle

With Docexa Hospital, hospitals can connect with patients easily

  • Hospitals can Prepare their Profile / Website
  • Hospitals can Prepare their social media profile
  • Hospitals can advertise all their facilities and basic details.

DocExa Hospital Features

What You Can Do On DocExa Hospital?

  • Profile Handle

    Highlight Hospital Facilities

  • Listed all doctor on website

    Enlist all the doctors on your hospital website.

  • Appointments

    Book and Schedule online and offline appointments

  • Video consultation & Rx Generation

    Rx can be generated online with all dispensing instructions

  • Online Booking

    Online booking for Nursing services, Pathology Booking, Ambulance booking.

  • Doctors Profile

    Doctors individual consultation room

  • E-Pharmacy

    Make ease in medicine delivery from hospitals pharmacy

  • Package/Offers

    Update on Schemes and Offers available at hospital

DocExa Hospital Provides Online and offline Appointment For Individual Doctor

  • Book online and offline appointment For Individual Doctor
  • Hospital can increase patient satisfaction with the Online appoointments & consultation

DocExa Additional Features

Share DocExa
Handle Link

DocExa Social Handle link can be shared to patients and followers via whatsapp, SMS and social media.

DocExa Social
Access Control

DocExa Social can be shared via QR code and Operated by your assistants or nurses if given Access.


Take control of your wellness by seamlessly reserving your hospital stay with just a few clicks, ensuring personalized and hassle-free healthcare at your fingertips.


Effortlessly book outpatient appointments online, empowering you to prioritize your well-being on your terms with streamlined access to expert medical care.

Data Security

All IPD and OPD data stores as per government guidelines

When Hospitals are required to handle the critical data of countless customers, it becomes imperative to choose a solution that meets and surpasses the standard requirements of security and confidentiality. Docexa Doc is a simple, affordable, feature- rich, multi-user, browser-based integrated document storage and workflow management system that meets file security protocols as specified by HIPAA and HITECH. Our solution is easy to use and it integrates seamlessly within your existing System. Actions, such as record access, workflow distribution, and reporting are handled efficiently and securely by our solution.

HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA and HITECH standards of security are maintained to ensure data and file security is never compromised. Hospital are also assured there is no data loss or theft while it is being electronically transferred from one device to another.

Easy Storage and Retrieval

A consolidated file server simplifies file storage and makes file retrieval much easier. There are no restrictions on file types, and managing, storing and retrieving records, documents, and images is quick and painless.

Disaster Recovery

Automatic regular data backups ensure seamless data consolidation and rapid disaster recovery. In the unfortunate event of a breach, downtime is minimum and your operations can spring back quickly.

Cost Savings

Since most tasks on our solution platform are automated, it eliminates the need for human input. Your team is freed from repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus their time and attention to more critical areas. This ultimately improves productivity and also helps save you money.

Open Architecture

The open-ended architecture of the solution can be customized to suit your exact requirements. Fully-scalable, our solution can quickly adapt to your evolving business needs.


Awards &

Enlist all the Hospitals Awards Achievements Recognitions and Accreditations on your profile to provide the patients more information and build confidence in the hospital services

  • Showcase your Achievements & recognization
  • Showcase on Hospital Profile
  • Build confidence in hospital services
What We Offer

Spread Awareness

Hospitals can Update Articles/news releases about disease and their awareness on timely basis to keep people engaged on profile

  • Update Article or news about disease
  • Spread awareness about disease
  • Keep People enggaged on profile

Enhance patient footfall by leveraging Docexa

A digital partner to improve hospitals digital social status which enables hospitals
go online and connect directly with patients

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