Dynamic Websites for free!!!

At Docexa, we understand the importance of a dynamic and user-friendly website in today's digital era. That's why we're thrilled to offer doctors the opportunity to create their own customized and dynamic websites for their hospitals – absolutely free!

Followup booking by scanner

Effortless follow-up appointments at your fingertips! Scan the QR code to schedule your next visit and stay connected with personalized healthcare.
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Manage Hospital and Personal clinic in one login

Whether managing hospital affairs or overseeing your private clinic, DocExa ensures seamless access for doctors.

Create multiple user with different access

DocExa offers individual logins for all hospital staff, granting secure access to specific areas, ensuring efficient collaboration and tailored control for seamless operations.
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Empower remote healthcare with DocExa!

Grant access to off-site doctors for appointment scheduling, video consultations, and seamless prescription printing – connecting patients and practitioners like never before.

Empower your practice with seamless connectivity!!!!

DocExa allows doctors to efficiently manage online appointments directly through social media platforms, streamlining scheduling and enhancing patient engagement. Connect with your patients effortlessly, providing them with the convenience of booking appointments directly through familiar social channels. Stay at the forefront of modern healthcare by leveraging the power of social media for efficient appointment management. Elevate your digital presence and offer patients a frictionless experience with DocExa."